Keep An Eye Out for Cataracts

AVCVA Cataracts and Cataract Surgery Brochure

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Do your pet’s eyes appear cloudy? Is she misjudging distances or bumping into objects? These are common signs of cataracts, and it may be time to have your loved one’s eyes checked. Examinations are quick and easy, with special attention to make your pet as comfortable as possible. During your appointment, Dr. Heather Brookshire will use a slit-lamp biomicroscope to evaluate the front portion of the eye on a microscopic level. Next, she will examine the back of the eye, or retina and optic nerve. If your pet is a suitable candidate for cataract surgery a functional testing of the retina will follow, along with an ocular ultrasound to determine if surgery will restore her vision. The success rate for cataract surgery in dogs is quite high, with greater than 90 percent of cases undergoing a successful procedure and having improved vision following surgery.

Providing quality ophthalmic care for animals of all shapes and sizes: 

  • Same-day emergency care
  • Eye exams and diagnosis
  • Medical therapies
  • Genetic testing for ocular conditions
  • Full spectrum of ophthalmic surgeries
  • Free exams for service dogs
  • Accepting new clients

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Feb, 20, 2019