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  • In the summer and fall of 2019, Donna Colby noticed changes in her dog Brady’s eyes. They had a cloudy appearance, along with redness, irritation (rubbing) and a clear discharge. Donna told us her pet was also demonstrating concerning behaviors including clumsiness that led to several falls, failure to clear the curbs on his daily

  • A little dust here, the sound of a hammer here. You may have noticed a few tell-tale signs of construction at our practice as builders have been on the job expanding into the office space next door. We are excited to report that we have just put the finishing touches on the new and improved

  • In a local news article covering the mass shooting at the Virginia Beach municipal center, I read that the City of Virginia Beach arranged for therapy dogs to be on site for employees to connect within the days following the tragedy. It’s amazing how therapeutic petting a dog can be for victims of trauma—and for

  • While dogs don’t wear glasses, they do need to have their eyes checked regularly, especially if they are a registered service or therapy animal. May is National Service Dog Eye Examination Month, and many board-certified diplomats of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (like Dr. Heather) will offer free screenings for these hard-working and caring creatures throughout

  • If you own or know an English bulldog, you understand what sweet and dependable pets they can be. Originally bred for working with bulls, this canine can be dogged in their pursuits, but are also known for their congenial temper and laid-back ways. That sweet flat face with all those wrinkles can be detrimental to

  • I couldn’t have asked for a better job. I love what I do and look forward to coming in to work each and every day. Seeing our pet patients, meeting their owners and conferring with their family veterinarian are the most gratifying aspects of owning and operating Animal Vision Center of Virginia. It’s hard to

  • Have you ever streamed the ’90s television series, Frasier? Do you remember Eddie the dog, the perky Jack Russell Terrier? The feisty little canine was known for snubbing the show’s namesake, Frasier Crane, while proving a devoted and loving companion to Frasier’s elderly father, Marty. It made for great comedy, but perhaps producers knew a

  • We didn’t think it would ever appear, but spring has arrived in Coastal Virginia! Finally, we can get out and about with our pets without slipping on ice or shivering in the cold. The change in the seasons has us thinking about getting a number of things back in order – our yards, homes and

  • Our days are so busy here at the Animal Vision Center of Virginia. Between wellness eye exams, surgeries, off-site visits and the many tasks associated with running an ocular care facility, there’s hardly a minute to oneself. That changed for an hour or so last fall, when I had the opportunity to work with the

  • We see a number of wonderful pet patients that recover from ocular surgery under seemingly difficult conditions. But Cooper’s story is truly miraculous. After first being diagnosed with diabetes and a splenic mass, he subsequently lost the function of his hind legs and developed a severe cardiac arrhythmia. Then he became blind as a result