We love animals. We are passionate about helping them live better lives through better vision. As your partner in their care, we have dedicated our practice to offering you the highest level of technology, education, skill and compassion; from consultation to complete ophthalmic services. Leading the care team is Dr. Heather Brookshire, a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist, who became interested in improving sight in animals through her personal experience with a beloved dog. She is absolutely committed to offering animals the chance at better, happier lives through exceptional immediate and ongoing ocular care. Whether you’re a referring veterinarian or a pet owner, partner with Dr. Heather and the Animal Vision Center of Virginia and see for yourself.


Animal Vision Center of Virginia is built on a passion for ensuring the best eye care possible for all animals. By partnering with veterinarians, pet owners, and animal lovers of all walks of life, we can work together and ensure the best treatment for our animal companions and patients.

Partners in Practice

When a patient is relying on their veterinarian for the best care possible, a proper diagnosis is invaluable. Whether this means a quick phone call or an emergency visit, Animal Vision Center puts ego aside and concentrates on helping ensure the patient receives the correct and timely treatment. We happily partner with area veterinarians looking for an expert second opinion or an advanced ophthalmic surgical procedure for their patients.

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Passion for Patients

When an animal needs treatment, it needs more than skilled hands and an expert opinion. Animal Vision Center of Virginia offers individual, quality care only a compassionate staff can deliver. Not only concerned with in-house care, we regularly check up on our patients. Educating owners and ensuring proper post-treatment care is key to a speedy and healthy recovery—no matter how minor or extensive the treatment.

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We have dedicated our practice to offering you the highest level of technology, skill and compassion. From consultation to complete ophthalmic services, our dedicated staff promises the best possible experience no matter how small the patient or procedure.

Complete Exam and Diagnosis

Our specialized instruments allow for a more thorough ocular examination than what is typically possible with your family veterinarian.

Medical Therapy

We have medications on hand to treat all animal ocular symptoms and conditions ranging from topical antibiotics, to glaucoma medications, to pain management medications.

Surgical Therapy

We offer a full spectrum of state of the art surgical procedures to restore vision and eliminate ocular problems.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Eye Exams & Registration

Dr. Heather is certified to perform OFA exams, which allow detection of potential heritable eye diseases in dogs before they are passed on to future generations.

Genetic Testing for Prevention

We can perform genetic testing to detect predispositions to specific ocular diseases. This can help you plan ahead for the life and care of your pet.

Free Exams for Service Dogs

Typically offered only during the month of May, we have elected to perform routine examinations on qualified Service Dogs all year round.

Military, First Responder and Senior Citizen Discounts

We proudly support our military and senior citizen clients with discounted examinations.

CareCredit Financing

We understand that sometimes eye problems can sneak up unexpectedly. For this reason, we have partnered with CareCredit to provide a 6-month, no interest payment plan for these unexpected costs. *Subject to approval

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Sometimes all you need is a quick question answered or need a second opinion to help a patient. Dr. Heather is happy to give you both.


We will gladly provide ophthalmic consultations for your patients at YOUR veterinary practice. Due to increased time allotments, please allow up to one week for these appointments.


We appreciate and accept any animal in need of ocular care. In our hands, your patients will receive the best diagnosis and care possible.