Animal Vision Center of Virginia is pleased to offer remote telemedicine consultations for our veterinary partners, and to our existing clients and pet patients.

Using the TeleVet mobile app, you can participate in a two-way consultation appointment in real time with one of our board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists. After you’ve downloaded the app, send a consultation request to our office and upload details, photos or a video. Our staff will review your files, provide a comprehensive assessment of your case and determine next steps for ocular care.

For details about our consultation fee, which includes everything from a complete review of your pet’s history to treatment recommendations and medications, call us today at 757-749-4838

Who can participate?

For our existing clients, this service is ideal for pets that don’t travel well or become anxious away from home, and it’s convenient for our clients who live at a distance.

For our veterinary partners, telemedicine consultations offer a practical solution when working with urgent cases, a difficult diagnosis, a second opinion, and for the convenience of practices located in far away or rural areas.

Setting up an account is fast and easy:

  • Download the free TeleVet mobile app, and press “create an account”

  • Accept notifications to receive important info and alerts from our clinic

  • Enter the type of pet you own, its name and a picture

  • Enter our practice name:  Animal Vision Center of Virginia

  • Enter your preferred payment info for secure, easy check out

  • Provide answers to create a profile of your pet, including breed, age and weight

  • When you’re ready to schedule a Televet appointment, click “new consultation”

  • Provide details of your pet’s condition and attach documents or pictures to help us understand the issue

  • Click on “call preferences” and “create consultation”

  • You’ll receive notifications and details from us about the appointment

Download the TeleVet App & Call Us at 757-749-4838

How to set up an account
Success Stories
What our clients say
Remote Telemedicine Consultations | Animal Vision Center of VA

What our clients say

“Thank you very much Dr. Brookshire. This is an excellent application, especially for someone like me, who is so far from your office.”
– C. Karlsen

“The Televet consultation was very helpful. This is an excellent service!”
– Dr. A. Kelton

Success stories of pet patients Corky and Petey

Since launching our telemedicine service, we’ve “seen” a number of patients remotely. Among our first telemedicine cases was Corky, a Yorkie with chronic KCS, or dry eye. His owner lives on North Carolina’s Outer Banks and it was difficult for her to make the nearly two-hour trip to our clinic for a follow-up appointment. Corky had been on three different medicated eye drops with no noticeable improvement, and it was time to reassess the case. By viewing images that the owner sent in advance, and communicating with her via the Televet app, we were able to recommend new treatment moving forward and facilitated the prescription order for her the same day.

For a referring veterinarian, we evaluated and discussed her concerns about Petey, a young cat showing signs of entropion (a condition in which the eyelid is rolled inward causing irritation of the eye by the lashes) and a corneal ulcer. The veterinarian wanted to know which condition should be treated first. Through our communication and views of Petey’s affected eye, it was recommended to continue with the medical therapy she had begun to heal the ulcer (with some minor adjustments), and then reassess the entropion. If still present after the ulcer had healed, the entropion would require a surgical correction.

Telemedicine consultations are ideal for veterinary partners such as Petey’s vet, when seeking a second opinion or when working with urgent cases and a difficult diagnosis. For our existing clients, it is a helpful option for pets that don’t travel well or become anxious away from home. It’s also convenient for practices and clients alike, including Corky’s owner, who reside in far away or rural areas.


For any consultation or referral request, use the convenient form below. You can also download a paper form and fax it to our office.


Sometimes all you need is a quick question answered or need a second opinion to help a patient. Dr. Heather is happy to give you both.


We will gladly provide ophthalmic consultations for your patients at YOUR veterinary practice. Due to increased time allotments, please allow up to one week for these appointments.


We appreciate and accept any animal in need of ocular care. In our hands, your patients will receive the best diagnosis and care possible.