What are your plans to honor Earth Day this year? Some of our team members will be getting back to nature by hiking in nearby parks, walking on the beach and enjoying time outside. Of course, all of these activities will involve their pets too! This had us thinking about the many ways that we, as pet owners, can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle that benefits us and our pets. We came up with this list of tips that are good for humans, our furry friends and Mother Nature (of course!). Here’s to a clean, green Earth Day on April 22.

  • Say no to plastic. So many pet products are made of plastic, including feeding bowls, water dishes and toys. When these items have been chewed, licked and played with beyond recognition, they will end up in the landfill. Plastic is not recyclable. As an alternative, stainless steel containers for food and water will last a lifetime. And toys made of canvas, natural rubber, hemp and cotton are biodegradable and just as much fun.
  • Hoof it! For close-to errands, leash your dog and walk to your destination. No emissions. Just extra steps for you and your best friend.
  • Pick up their business. Dog feces have to go somewhere. When it’s left on the ground, the rain carries it off of the lawn and into our storm drains. Eventually, this toxic mix will reach our local waterways, affecting both the water quality and the creatures that live in or near it. Think about that when you’re picking up after your pet, and make sure to use a biodegradable bag!         
  • Just for kitty. Did you know that some kitty litter products are made from old newspapers and cardboard diverted from the dump? We kid you not; these are available. Not only is it a good way to repurpose these materials, there’s no dust.
  • Do more with less. Does your pet really need all those accoutrements, costumes, and a bed in every room? What they may want more than any “thing” is a run, snuggle time, praise—and time together with you!