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Join Us for a Ghastly Virtual Vet-Together

We’ll head deep into Frankenstein’s lab on our next Ophtho Rounds & Wine event, Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 7:30 pm on Zoom.  Over a glass of bubbling brew, we will investigate the most terrifying and gruesome ophthalmic emergencies you may ever see, featuring:      •  The creepiest of corneal ulcers [READ MORE]


Let’s take a peek at Entropion on our July rounds

July Rounds are coming up! Have you seen cases of Entropion at your practice? Rather than the normal, smooth eyelid margin contacting the surface of the eye, pets with this condition present with the eyelid skin rolling inward and on the conjunctiva, the cornea—or both. This can result in pain, corneal ulceration [READ MORE]

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