In Focus – Vet Notes from Dr. Heather Brookshire

Seven Years and Counting

Around this date in 2015, we were just putting the finishing touches on our practice on Old Great Neck Road and opening Animal Vision Center of Virginia for the first time. At our grand opening celebration, we featured tours of our facility, held an agility course and petting zoo on [READ MORE]

Advice for New Pet Owners

Animal Vision Center of Virginia is a proud member of the Coastal Virginia Veterinary Medical Association, a charitable organization that supports our region’s veterinary community. As part of the organization’s region-wide educational outreach initiative, they have provided the following tips and advice for new pet owners. We hope it is [READ MORE]

Diabetes and the Eye

Diabetes mellitus affects dogs and cats in much the same way it affects humans. Most people, however, are unaware of the numerous ocular changes that can develop secondary to the condition. This can include KCS (dry eye), corneal changes, rapid cataract formation, uveitis and hypertension/retinal changes. Read on to learn more [READ MORE]

Feline Herpesvirus and Treatment

If you have noticed nasal congestion, discharge and signs of a ‘pink eye’ in your cat, they may have Feline Herpesvirus. This viral upper respiratory infection is common and highly contagious. Read on to learn more about this condition, causes, and how it is treated.

Common and highly contagious, Feline herpesvirus (FHV-1) [READ MORE]

New Year, New Goals

Amid this most unusual year, we are grateful for so much—including the relationships we share with our amazing clients, their sweet pets and our Hampton Roads veterinary professionals. We’ve enjoyed seeing you at our drive-up and telehealth appointments, and we send glad tidings for the year ahead. Perhaps like you, our [READ MORE]

Congratulations Dr. Heather!

We are so proud of Dr. Heather Brookshire. Last month, Inside Business magazine named her as one of Hampton Roads’ top Women in Business for 2020. These awards celebrate women who are successful in their business and careers, while serving as mentors to others and volunteering in their community. It’s no surprise [READ MORE]

Uveitis Causes and Treatment

Uveitis is an ocular condition that occurs when the uveal tract within the eye becomes inflamed, which can lead to alterations in vision, intraocular pressure and comfort. Read on for common clinical signs, how we test for the condition, causes, and treatment options.

Uveitis is inflammation of the uveal [READ MORE]

Summer Eye Issues

It’s fun to take our pets to the beach or park, but we occasionally see ocular problems such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) or corneal ulcers from the irritating effects of sand and wind-borne grass and particles on the surface of the eye. Pets are especially prone to these medical issues [READ MORE]

The Calming Power of Pets

You’re a pet owner, so you already know that spending time with your lovey makes you feel good. But do you know that pets can help boost levels of serotonin and dopamine, lower blood pressure and improve your overall health? That’s the therapeutic power of pets, according to an article [READ MORE]

Friendly New Faces at AVCVA!

You may have noticed friendly new faces at Animal Vision Center of Virginia. We are pleased to welcome Jason Ball, veterinary assistant, and Samantha Gossman, our new receptionist.

A Kempsville High School graduate, Jason began working with us in 2019 as an intern from the Tidewater Community College’s Veterinary program, where [READ MORE]

Superfoods for Super Pets!

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu? Turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes? Sounds good to us, and your pet will probably like these too. As long as the turkey treat doesn’t have bones and isn’t too greasy, that’s fine in moderation. And so are the green beans and sweet potatoes, both loaded [READ MORE]

Saving Lives, One Pet at a Time

This week is National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week, honoring these safe havens for animals and the wonderful people who work there. At AVCVA, we love partnering with our local shelters and rescue groups by providing eye screenings and care to those with ocular issues. There are ways that [READ MORE]

Stay Cool Out There!

Summer’s here. Can you feel it? If it’s too hot for you to be outside or in a parked car, then it’s too hot for your pets. Be mindful of hyperthermia and heat stroke, conditions that can arise when your dog’s natural ability to regulate temperature by panting [READ MORE]

Be Kind, I’m Blind

You’ve just learned that your dog is slowly losing his or her vision, or perhaps it happened quickly and your pet is now blind. This will be a time of transition for you and your pet, but with some adjustments to your home and routine, a wonderful new life awaits [READ MORE]

“SEE” Us at the Seaside CE Series

Our friends at The Center of Veterinary Expertise (COVE) have been super busy, handling final arrangements for their second annual continuing education event for the region’s veterinary practitioners. The Seaside CE Series, May 28-31, will bring together local professionals from the veterinary field for a four-day series of classes, courses [READ MORE]

No More Tears!

Have you noticed tearing under your dog’s eyes, or do you see staining under or around her eyes as a result? Tearing is caused by an overflow of tears onto the face that is often due to the way the eyelids are shaped. While each case should be evaluated to [READ MORE]

Presidential Pets

President’s Day seems the perfect holiday to honor the pets that accompanied their respective Commanders in Chief to Washington, D.C. After all, how many animals can claim an extended stay in the most famous American residence of all? From George Washington, who brought Snipe the parrot (and an array of [READ MORE]

How to Give Your Pet a Pill

If only giving medications to your pet was as easy as waving a magic wand. Animals have an intuitive sense of reading our emotions. If we’re nervous about having to give them a pill or eye drops, they will become anxious, too.

Over the years we’ve mastered the art of administering [READ MORE]

Welcome to our Blog!

I couldn’t have asked for a better job. I love what I do and look forward to coming to work each and every day. Seeing our pet patients, meeting their owners and conferring with their family veterinarians are the most gratifying aspects of owning and operating Animal Vision Center of [READ MORE]

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