This week is National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week, honoring these safe havens for animals and the wonderful people who work there. At AVCVA, we love partnering with our local shelters and rescue groups by providing eye screenings and care to those with ocular issues. There are ways that you can support these organizations too, by:

  • Adopting your next pet from a shelter
  • Volunteering at their sites
  • Donating supplies (call to see what they need)
  • Making sure your own pet has an ID tag or microchip, in case they stray from home.

To find an organization near you, check our listing below for groups that are dedicated to sheltering pets and helping them find forever homes here in Hampton Roads. We give them all a “four-paw” salute!

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal

Norfolk SPCA

Peninsula SPCA

Virginia Beach SPCA

Humane Society

Chesapeake Humane Society

Portsmouth Human Society

Animal Care and Adoption

Compassion for Canines, Portsmouth

Hearts for Hounds Rescue, Virginia Beach

Hope for Life, Virginia Beach

Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter, Newport News

Savor of Souls Pet Rescue, Virginia Beach