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July Rounds are coming up!

Have you seen cases of Entropion at your practice? Rather than the normal, smooth eyelid margin contacting the surface of the eye, pets with this condition present with the eyelid skin rolling inward and on the conjunctiva, the cornea—or both. This can result in pain, corneal ulceration or perforation, or scarring of the cornea which can decrease vision.

We’ll be discussing Entropion symptoms, causes and treatment options on our next Ophtho Rounds & Wine event, Thursday, July 29 from 7-8 p.m. on Zoom.

We hope you can attend. The first 20 veterinarians* to RSVP will receive a complimentary bottle of wine from Rosemont Vineyards, in La Crosse, Va. We have enjoyed all of our “tasting” discussions with the Roses. Now that summer’s here, we look forward to sampling this refreshing white wine.

*If you please, vets from the same practice may want to share the complimentary bottle.



For local veterinarians

To join our virtual Ophtho Rounds & Wine event, please use this join button or see our Zoom Meeting link, ID, and passcode below:


Meeting ID: 982 3254 1482
Passcode: 918404

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