Do you remember Benjamin? We posted his photo on Facebook a few weeks ago, showing the remarkable recovery he made following a dog attack. This good-natured pup suffered severe trauma of his left globe and was initially given a 50% chance for restoration of vision. With the help of Dr. Heather and his loving, dedicated owner, we are glad to report that Benjamin is now fully healed and fully visual!

Dog fights can happen, even under the care of the most diligent owners. Now that summer has arrived and people are out and about more with their dogs, please remember to practice good dog etiquette by following these tips:

  • Always leash your dog when walking—whether in your neighborhood, a city park, public right of way, or at the beach. Of course, keep a bag handy to take care of their business.
  • If your dog has an aggressive demeanor, avoid dog parks. Dogs tend to run together, which can lead to aggressive actions.
  • If your dog isn’t aggressive and enjoys the dog park (some don’t), keep an eye on your pet and make sure they know how to sit, wait and respond to your recall command.
  • Be aware of your dog’s surroundings. Some fights are territorial; if a strange dog enters your yard for instance, or if dogs are tussling over a toy.
  • Pay attention to your dog in social situations. If your pup loves to party, have fun. If they aren’t that social, consider leaving your pet at home. They won’t mind.

If a dog fight does happen, don’t physically step in to break up the fight; you may get seriously hurt. Instead, use a nearby object like a stick, rake or umbrella to separate the dogs; throw a blanket over them; blow a whistle or make a loud noise; spray them down with a hose or water. As soon as the dogs are apart, keep them separated and don’t let them interact again even if they seem calm.

Do you have “good dog” tips to share? Send us an email and let us know. We’ll include these in a follow-up post!