Just a few months ago, life was so much simpler. We ran errands, met friends after work and hit the gym without a second thought. That changed with the emergence of COVID-19.  Faced with health updates that seemed to change by the hour, medical providers, like us, worked swiftly to implement new ways to care for our patients in safe, sometimes innovative settings.

Just a few weeks ago, Animal Vision Center of Virginia began offering new drive-up telehealth appointments, allowing you to stay in your car while our staff escorts your pets to the clinic for their exam. Via video or voice telehealth phone conferencing, we obtain a complete history on your pet’s progress, allowing you to be “present” for the appointment. Then, we take your pets back to the car with follow-up instructions and medication (if needed).

In addition, we have remained diligent about the utmost cleanliness of the practice, implementing enhanced protocols that are effective against viruses, including coronaviruses. And we are fully stocked with medications and supplies.

We appreciate so much your willingness to do things a little differently over the past few weeks. These are unusual times to be sure, and we will continue to adapt further if needed. Our goal remains the same, to provide the best ocular care possible for all animals—even in a changing world.

All the best,
Dr. Heather