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We understand that every animal is different, and we take an individualized approach to diagnose and treat the full spectrum of ocular conditions in animals of all ages, size and species. Read on to find out more about our practice and the services we provide.

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An animal’s ocular health is the key to their living a full, active and healthy life. At Animal Vision Center of Virginia, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality ophthalmic care available for our patients. Our practice opened in 2015, offering a full array of animal eye care services including eye exams and diagnostics, medical and surgical therapies, and genetic screening and testing for inherited ocular conditions. 

Our office, centrally located in Virginia Beach, is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment to care for our patients.

Animal Vision Center of Virginia is owned and operated by Dr. Heather Brookshire. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with honors from the University of Michigan and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Colorado State University, graduating Cum Laude. She completed a rotating medicine and surgery internship at North Carolina State University, and a combined residency in comparative veterinary ophthalmology with North Carolina State University and Animal Eye Care Associates to become board certified in veterinary ophthalmology. Dr. Heather is supported by highly-trained, full-time staff members, who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to the pet patients they see. 

When working strictly with eyes, it’s easy to assume a one-size-fits-all mentality. 

We understand that every animal is different, and we take an individualized approach to diagnose and treat the full spectrum of ocular conditions in animals of all ages, sizes and species. We specialize in:

  • State-of-the-art cataract removal
  • Advanced laser and medical therapy for glaucoma
  • Quick/painless procedures for non-healing ulcers
  • Low-scar corneal repair options
  • Same-day removal of eyelid masses
  • Correction of eyelid/eyelash conformational abnormalities
  • Advanced imaging, diagnosis and treatment of orbital disease
  • Expert medical and surgical management of KCS
  • Management of ocular complications of hypertension

Sometimes medicine alone is not enough for complete treatment of your pet’s ocular condition.  At Animal Vision Center of Virginia, we specialize in a wide range of surgical options. Combining Dr. Heather’s experience and the latest technology available, you can be sure your pet is in good hands with our team.

From consultation to complete ophthalmic services Animal Vision Center of Virginia promises the best possible experience no matter how small the patient or the procedure.

We treat all layers and levels of complexity of all animal eyes!

The ocular exam begins with an evaluation of vision, followed by an overall evaluation of the eyes and surrounding structures without magnification. 

Next, we use a slit-lamp biomicroscope to evaluate the front portion of the eye on a microscopic level. The back of the eye, or retina and optic nerve, is then evaluated using indirect ophthalmoscopy. 

Finally, we take anterior and posterior segment photography so that we can share our findings with our clients and their family veterinarian, and monitor disease moving forward.

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We publish a series of “Common Ocular Conditions” brochures, covering everything from cataracts to corneal ulcers. These are available to both our clients and local veterinary offices. Please contact us for copies to share.